An Interview with Ms.Tanmayi Surampudi on Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is an ocean and getting insights constantly is crucial and who better than the younger generation ? I had the wonderful opportunity to interact with Ms. Tanmayi Surampudi who works in a reputed MNC. I firmly believe that achieving great heights at such an young age should definitely be an inspiration to many. A Professional overview of the industry is really required and here it goes.

1. How aware do you think are people regarding Digital Marketing in the present times?

I think anyone who’s in the advertising industry or some kind of media-based industry is aware of digital marketing because it’s either used to promote their business or because it is identified as ‘the platform’ for businesses of any size to grow. Coming to the general population, it’s clear that they identify a lot of the digital marketing efforts like Search Ads, Display ads or even Mailers, but I don’t think someone out of the industry knows what all goes into such marketing efforts and why/how they see them (hence, all the jokes/memes about our online devices being able to “listen” to us, if only they understood the fascinating things that we marketers do to target them)

2. Has the approach towards Digital Marketing changed post-Covid?

Not really. I think in some cases Covid has opened up a lot of the market to digital marketing that wasn’t there before, it’s no surprise since everything is shifting online. Granted, there has obviously been a change in consumer behaviour, because they’ve been forced to rethink their choices and spending habits. But I think a few tweaks in the campaigns, target audience and communication strategy will help businesses get back on their feet and thrive in the long run while the world is trying to settle down from this. So basically, do a complete overhaul of your marketing efforts, but keep them going, and in the long run, it will be beneficial considering the increase in the number of people who’re online now.

3 .Do businesses in the Real estate niche use Digital Marketing for their Marketing activities compared to the past?

For sure! It’s no doubt that today everyone turns to the different search engines for every piece of information they need. Consumer behaviour has changed, people will not go around asking others for information anymore. So it’s become crucial for the real estate industry to move online too. Just to point out a few, video marketing, online reviews, and ease with which they can reach the target audience will turn out to be a great addition to their business.

4. Which is the most preferred marketing platform? Facebook or Google?

Completely depends on the Product/Service and the target audience. Also, why pick one? A lot of the businesses are leveraging them together and due to the difference in visibility, audience, and strategies, using the two together will give any business a much stronger hold on the market.

5. Does Linkedin marketing prove to be an important medium for lead generation?

Yes, a lot of people are slowly realising the importance of a platform like Linkedin, to advertise, especially for B2B marketing. For both B2B and B2C purposes, Linkedin is really underrated, and more people should utilize the platform. Just a few benefits that I can point out are; the targeting is very specific, with all of the users on Linkedin being working professionals the lead quality is seen to be much higher than any other platform and much more.

6. The Best platform to learn Digital Marketing?

This is very hard to answer, I cannot name one best platform. If you need the certification, do the certification courses offered by Google/Linkedin/any other online learning portal (they’re all pretty much the same, only the brand name could help) but in my personal experience, there are a lot of blogs that will aid you with an abundance of information, and the best part is that these are free! Some of the ones that I really found helpful and always went back to were;

Neil Patel
Search Engine Journal
MoZMarketing Land, and many more

I cant thank Ms. Tanmayi enough for sharing her amazing insights relating to digital marketing .

You can get in touch with her on LInkedin-

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