Why is Digital Marketing essential for Real Estate Firms ?


There are multiple reasons why real estate firms should choose digital marketing over traditional marketing .

Real estate firms opting to have a digital presence has increased tremendously in recent times. There is no doubt that traditional mediums like; print media and air media have a huge reach among the audience but we can’t deny the fact of the costs involved in it and its affordability.

  1. Companies have to spend only 50% of their budget in digital marketing when compared to traditional marketing.
  2. As of January 2021 there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide – 59.5 percent of the global population. Of this total, 92.6 percent (4.32 billion) accessed the internet via mobile devices
  3. For 43% of recent buyers, the first step that they took in the home buying process was to look online at properties for sale.
  4. The share of home buyers who used the internet to search for a home increased to an all-time high of 97%.
  5. Digital marketing gives the realtors an option to track their marketing campaigns and have direct communication with their clients which is not possible in the case of traditional marketing.

The following are a list of assured and proven ways through which the realtors can boost their sales.

1.User-Friendly website:

Website is the face of any company and most of the companies fail to understand this and don’t have a good website with the necessary information required. 

When building a website, a lot of importance is required in the UI & UX design of the website making it as user-friendly as possible.

   A Website should contain:

  1.  Proper listing of all the properties,
  2.  Good quality images of the properties, 
  3. 3D view of the properties,
  4.  Videos testimonials of your clients,
  5.  Google location and google earth features for easy navigation. 
  6. Making the website mobile friendly as most of the users prefer mobile browsing.
  7. A live-chat feature for the customers to ask their queries.

Websites can also contain landing pages with a specific call-to-action to lead users through the sales funnel process. A call-to- action button  is required in various pages of the website to make it easy for the customers to contact .


Content is the king in any field and the same thing applies even in Real estate. With the advent of so many social media channels,Content is ruling the internet. But the most important point is delivering valuable content to the customers. 

Websites should contain the sharing features like social media options and emails  in order to make it easy for their customers to share it with their loved ones.

Most of the firms are focusing on creating great content as it helps them in their SEO journey in the form of blogs. Content when created should be value driven & the customers should refer it in times of doubts and queries, this builds up brand reputation and trust among the customers.

Content can be anything from blogs to social media posts of the new projects in the form of images and videos. Frequent updates in the field will also help.

Content is good but what would benefit the companies are interactive content with the audience in the form of polls, giveaways, quizzes etc. This can help the companies in brand building. Interactive content can be delivered through social media or email campaigns.


Out of 4.57 billion internet users, 83.36% are active social media users, this particular data highlights the importance of social media in today’s day and age and how vital it is for real estate companies to make the best use of this platform.

It has been proven that people relate more to images and videos than text and social media does just that for you. Below are the few list of social media channels which can be used:

  1. Facebook
  2. Linkedin
  3. Instagram
  4. Youtube
  5. Pinterest

Platforms like Facebook offers amazing features like “targeting audiences” based on their demographics, location, interests etc. which helps the businesses to get prospective customers who in turn can become their clients.

These social media platforms offer “live feature” which can be very well utilized to show some raw images of the undergoing projects. Client testimonials in the form of video can also be shared among the social platforms as it guarantees a wider reach .

Paid ads are one of the most lucrative features offered by these platforms which guarantees leads and helps a lot in the sales process.


Video marketing is the most trending strategy used by a lot of people in the business sector. The real estate sector can get benefited immensely by this feature as it can offer a Video footage of their projects to their audience . This saves the time of both the buyers and the sellers as most of the queries are answered through video.

According to analysis, videos are the most engaged type of content online and it helps to convince the customer on a faster level compared to other methods. It should be made sure that the videos are interactive on all mediums like desktop and mobile.

Realtors are going a step ahead of the competitors and are offering 3D footage and making it sure that they are user-friendly as well. Video  Testimonials of the clients on websites and other platforms can garner huge credibility towards the brand and would also increase the conversion rates of customers.

According to a wyzowl 2019 survey, 92% of marketers believe videos to be an important marketing tool, 83% indicate that video has helped them to generate leads, 80% say video has directly helped to increase sales while 89% say video delivers a good return on their investment.


Email marketing is one of the underrated marketing strategies. Many top real estate firms are using this valuable tool to generate leads and to build a strong relationship with their customers 

Email campaigns are a proven strategy by businesses as it helps them to retarget their customers on a personal level and also keep them updated about their new projects and the offers they have to offer.


Every company wants to be on top of the search results and this can be possible through SEO, which is an organic way to attain your spot and not through paid advertising. Paid advertising can very well display your ads on the forefront but it cannot help in achieving genuinity and credibility which can be  achieved through SEO.

SEO is a strategy which takes a long time to achieve but sustains the market competition. Real sectors who don’t have much budget to spend on paid ads can definitely try the inexpensive method of SEO.

Keywords are the important thing to be considered in the process of SEO. To include keywords in SEO strategy, we have to make sure that we include high-ranking keywords and long tail keywords  throughout your blog content and websites.


Relationship building with clients is one of the important facets of branding in any business. Similarly, even in real estate industry, with the help of modern technology, online webinars & workshops can be conducted.

Webinars & workshops are beneficial results in mutual benefit for both the buyer & the seller. Buyers can get informed about different aspects of real estate and also the latest trends in the market likewise even the seller companies can build trust, authority, and reputation among its clients.


A company puts in so much effort into marketing to acquire its clients but after the deal is over , very less effort is put into by the company in maintaining & nurturing their clients.

One of the top lesson taught by multinationals today are “CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT” because as the saying goes “CUSTOMER IS THE KING” and with the use of strategies like: Email campaigns, online workshops, anniversary cards, gift cards, special offers for past customers etc. are brilliant ways to nurture your clients.

The best part about customer relationship management is that the brand name is never forgotten by the clients and they would definitely recommend them to their acquaintances , which is again a great referral system.

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